Seminars and Trainings

Over the last 27 years I’ve been teaching, first in Belgium in the Centre Of Classical Homeopathy, which organized a full 5 years training and later more advanced homeopathy in many countries. Intense study, research and daily practise resulted in an personal stylen called ‘The Vital Approach’,  where the focus always is on understanding the case on the deepest level and precribing the similimum with the greatest certainty. My insights are written down in easy to comprehend books and articles (see Publications) or can be listened to on Youtube clips, the Online Course or the Minicourse, all of which you can find here on the site for free.

The advanced trainings comprise ‘Master Classes’ where we question and analyse life cases, ‘Master Apprentice Classes’ where not me but the homeopath interviews the patient and is coached by me (this can be public supervision or private). This has been experienced as an invaluable help to see and overcome blind spots.

In the seminars I give the latest  information  combined with case examples. The focus is then on a particular issue of interest, for instance: Lesser known Groups (Gems Stones, Sarcodes, Bacteria etc) , The Importance of Context in Case Taking, Methodic Analysis and the like.

My passion  and relentless efforts have been rewarded, or I’d say blessed, with a gift I received some 7  years ago, by which I can foreshadow the similimum of the patient yet to come. In consultation I then check by homeopathic knowledge and method whether the intuition was valid. In this way the prescription is based on two pillars: intuition and knowledge (what gave rise to the term ‘Homeo-Noetics’). It gives me the possibility to prescribe as yet unknown or lesser known remedies the patients wouldn’t have received otherwise.

The intuitive part can’t be taught in a mental way, though in teachings and seminars, (which participants find clear and based on ‘common sense’) besides the knowledge that comes from my unique perspective (e.g. knowing the similimum, then receiving the particular expresson of it from the patient) the intuition is transmitted to all participants  and  so enhances the effectiveness of the prescriber and of homeopathy in general.