Anne Vervarcke

Too much information!

During the almost 30 years I plunged/delved into homeopathy I’ve seen it developing both in the what I call the […]

When a similimum doesn’t act.

Most likely many homeopaths with long-term practices come to the same conclusion: our patients are not the same as the […]

What makes my heart sing.

  Seven years have passed since in the fall of 2009 I realized I could foresee the similimum of people. […]

The Healing Power of Illness

  I remember having read many years ago the bestseller from Torwald Dethlefsen ‘The Healing Power of Illness’ and one […]

Artificial diseases

  We haven’t mentioned the symptoms produced , as Hahnemann already did in his Organon of Medicine. These are not […]

Mythical prescriptions

The basic premise of homeopathy is that disease is a disturbance of the vital force expressing itself with signs and […]

Not again about potency!

  A few more topics to deal with before we come to the Noetic part of the ‘New Homeopathy’. In […]


To round up the importance of the context as we discussed in the last few posts, here is a summary […]

Not seeing the elephant in the room

  Now we know where and how to look for the Vital information, there’s one more thing to consider. We […]

Personality, state and story

These are a few hints to analyze the information we gathered in the consultation first into big categories (2nd or […]

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