Month: March 2016

Personality, state and story

These are a few hints to analyze the information we gathered in the consultation first into big categories (2nd or […]

My kingdom for certainty

Last time we shed some light on“Prejudices about certain remedies” and“Kingdom information not well understood”. We discussed mistakes we can […]

We are only human

Prejudices about certain remedies. We can’t help to have some prejudices, some imprints in our minds about remedies. I took […]

From my perspective

Maybe it is useful to remind that the Noetic path started for me some five years ago with the discovery […]

The patient in context

We have to consider a few things first before going into the topic of the ‘role of the healer’ in […]

What is noetics?

When you searched the internet for the meaning of the word ‘Noetic’ you may ask yourself: ‘I’ve got it but […]

Reopening my practice

A year and a half have gone by since the forced closure of the homeopathic practice in Leuven and it […]